Sense of Home and “Black Iowa Dirt”

This is the song I referenced and sang a little bit of in my last sermon.

I love this song and William Elliott Whitmore’s strong connection to his home, and his passion for talking about it and articulating how important it is to him.

Hope and home are actually tied up for me. For years, my hope has been to one day return Home and live again in Colorado. I want to be back in the place that formed me; it’s comfortable and broken-in. But if that doesn’t happen, I am finding that other places can grow into home eventually.
There’s hope in this for me–that the things I think I will always long for and will never reach eventually wind up sprouting up right under my feet. I have spent time longing for Home only to realize in many ways, I am home here. This realization helps keep me grounded and present in the moment.
What is a sense of home like for you? What is wrapped up in “Home” for you?


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