File:Monarch Butterfly Cocoon 6708.jpg

Read this article from Scientific American, shared from Michelle Cahill. At our last Gather, we talked about resurrection and what hope might look like in the face of death and a changing world. I’ve always thought I got the butterfly metaphor for metamorphosis and even resurrection. I guess I always thought that caterpillars just popped wings out and developed an exoskeleton. But I felt blown away when Michelle described that, for something to be born in as a new being, it first has to dissolve.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of resurrection as not just a revivification, but resurrection as a new thing, a new creation. For me, this notion frees me to not look for resurrection to be the return of something that already felt good and broken and safe, but that new possibility might look radically different; might be strange.

And this may lead me to keep my eyes open to resurrection in places I would never imagine; places beyond the familiar. And that, really, makes more sense to me for moving towards new life–to find it in new places.



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